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Lambert & Stamp: Review

The Who

Who ↑ knew? This rocking and shocking film opens here in Indianapolis exclusively at the Landmark Keystone Arts theater this Friday, May 22. I’ve been a fan of The Who for many years and never had any idea how they truly became the iconic rock-n-roll band we have all come to know. Daltrey, Townshend, Moon, and Entwistle were almost completely shaped into The Who by a pair of managers named Lambert & Stamp. This film raises the curtain on that entire story and it’s incredibly fascinating. It started out as an idea to create a movie about a young band trying to make it, and it turned into so much more. Now, after nearly fifty years the movie has finally been made. I highly recommend this film to any fan of The Who. Even if you are not a fan, but enjoy music and like documentaries this is a must see movie. Lambert & Stamp is one of my favorite films of the year. It manages to uncover the details of an incredible story about two aspiring filmmakers and four struggling musicians. What happened next was magic. Read the rest of this entry »

Mad Max: Fury Road : Review

Tom Hardy - Mad Max

The power of this new Mad Max film is overwhelming. It starts out right away with action and it keeps you ripping through the wasteland for two hours rarely letting off the gas. My memories of the Mel Gibson versions of this tale are something very different and it barely even feels like the same film series. Read the rest of this entry »

Entourage: Promotion!


Bring YOUR entourage to the Indy advance screening of Entourage VIP style!

This contest will run until Thursday May 28 at 5PM.

One winner selected randomly will have 4 seats SAVED in a VIP area for their entourage at the advanced screening. Read the rest of this entry »

Mad Max: Fury Road Tickets

I have 20 admit-two passes to give away to the Indy advance screening of MAD MAX: FURY ROAD – These will go quick I have a feeling.

MAD MAX HARDY Read the rest of this entry »

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