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The Green Hornet – Movie Review


Seth Rogen is Brit reid, a spoiled and lazy rich guy that refuses to grow up.

He’s forced into changes when his wealthy and powerful father passes away…

he teams up with his dad’s mechanic and barista..

a character with amazing abilities named kato played by jay chou..

Rogen tells kato he’s like a swiss army knife..

and it’s a fitting description….

he pulls out amazing inventions, devices and weapons one after another throughout the film..

the green hornet scores big points for originality and coolness…

the best parts of the film are kato and his fighting technique, the black beauty car, and the green hornet gun that shoots green gas at the bad guys…

some of the dialogue and writing will turn off older audiences…

think more kick ass the movie than spiderman or batman..

The film has a young energy and there is a lot of silly humor…

at times i was annoyed with rogen and his character…

but kato would always save the day with something amazing and maybe that was intentional..

basically This is what would happen if a lazy rich guy decided to use his money and resources to become a crime fighting hero…

the bottom line…

not for everyone…but if you want to see a different take on a worn out superhero theme…

the green hornet is a crazy, funny and stylish good time..

$$$- Do it!

rated pg-13 1 hr 48 min…


The Dilemma

this film stars vince vaughn and kevin james and is directed by ron howard.

one of my favorite comedy films is nightshift with henry winkler and michael keaton…

that was directed by ron howard too…

both movies deal with a friendship and some real life dramatic issues….

and they both work because the laughs come at unexpected and uncomfortable moments..

Vince vaughn is A man struggling with what to do after finding out his best friends wife is cheating on him….

to tell or not?

there is a lot to enjoy here…

Vince vaughn is in classic form with his style of run on sentence humor and kevin james is a perfect sidekick for him..

winona ryder and jennifer connelly round out the cast perfectly….

just the right amount of drama and comedy..

Bottom line

this will be a good time at the movies for you….

$$$….do it….

rated pg-13 118 minutes

Blue Valentine

ryan gosling and michele williams turn in stunning performances in this dark and raw love story.

the film follows the ups and downs of this young couples relationship with a gritty and honest view.

ryan and michelle are both up for best acting awards this weekend..

for me…acting is the only reason to see the movie…

they are great…but the movie is just ok…and not for everyone..

$$… its ok

One Response to “The Green Hornet – Movie Review”

  • Anonymous:

    it stinks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    horrible !!!!
    the actor is an insult to anyones intelligence
    a waste of over 30 Chrysler Imperials

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