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Bridesmaids is a raw and crude comedy starring some very funny ladies.

It is also a profile of one woman’s struggles with love and life..

Kristen Wiig is officially a star in my book after this role.

Watching the madness surrounding relationships during the wedding process was fun and realistic too.

They approach these issues with silly humor at times, but there is also a touch of honesty and emotion that makes the film work on many levels.

It’s being called the female version of The Hangover…and that is a fair comparison.

Judd Apatow produced this film and his style is similar in many ways to The Hangover/Old School director Todd Phillips.

There are always big laughs in their work but it tends to gravitate towards gross out, extreme-type of humor.

And Bridesmaids has a few of those…”Look Away!” could be the funniest line of the year.

Wiig is the best comedic actress working and can make you laugh or feel emotion from scene to scene.

She is dealing with her own issues while losing her best friend to another bridesmaid during the wedding festivities…

As friendships and people age they sometimes grow apart..

A wedding tends to shine a light on the realities of friendships and life..

There is a reason people always create so much drama at weddings…they are like a physical for the soul..

And this film takes a look at this situation and has a good laugh. More than anything its funny..

The bottom line…

$$$ – A good time with the ladies at the movies…do it!

Rated R – 2 hrs. 5 minutes

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