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CAKE – Interview

I remember hearing “The Distance” by CAKE around 1996 and thinking what a cool song it was. Then I heard their version of the disco classic “I Will Survive” and that was one of the most interesting covers ever.

Just around this time we moved to California and through some mutual friends I met Vince Di Fiore.

Vince is a member of the band CAKE…and he is the master of many instruments, but he’s most famous for his trumpet play.

Through the years we have kept in touch and have traded new music suggestions…I’ve watched the band live a number of times and its always such an interesting show.

I caught up with Vince recently….

Q-What is new in the world of CAKE?

A-We have joined the almighty communication cloud of the internet. The mega-brain of collective thought has pulled us in.

Q- How have all the changes to the music industry affected the band?

A- If you keep things in perspective, it’s clearly true that changes have been rapid since the inception of recorded music. Our dream within the dream happened to be during a down-sizing of the business.

Q- You guys don’t do a lot of press and are kind of a private group…why is that?

A- We do! You just never asked.

Q- What is your favorite Cake song and why?

A- Federal Funding. It’s so optimistic.

Q- What is the strangest thing that’s happened on the current tour?

A- Attorney Gloria Allred simulated sex with a baseball bat on television, right in front of two young girls.

Q-What bands or music are you into right now?


Q-Has Cake made their best album yet?

A-Not there yet. There’s still another one coming.

Q-Any memories of playing in Indy?

A-Oh definitely. Every time has been great. Good people in Indianapolis, for sure. As a visitor last time, I was struck by that excellent bike path you all have that wraps around town.

Q- Is it better to burn out or fade away?

A- Neither. I can’t believe Neil only gave us two choices there. It’s like a CAKE poll from our website or something.


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