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Catt Sadler – The Interview

Catt Sadler is a Hoosier that made her way to Hollywood.
She spent years on local Indy TV doing her Daily Dish and covering the entertainment world.
One thing is for sure…she is a strong person that balances many different roles and continues to shine.
Our paths crossed in the late 90’s interviewing the stars.
Fate would find us both working here in Indy at the same time and just after having our first born children.
I had the pleasure of working with Catt  here in Indy. Her success on E! is well deserved.
She always works hard and cares about the products she puts her name on.
Walking red carpets, talking to celebs, being a Mom.. all part of being Catt.
She has two boys that keep her busy and grounded in the spectacle that is L.A.
We chatted about what is going on in her world.


























What is new with Catt?

A lot is new! My kids are finishing up school for the year and are anxious to start their summer sports activities. They’ll be swimming, playing basketball and baseball. I’m still with E! and just signed a new contract that will keep me put for awhile. I’m now appearing on the new one hour E! News. This means I get to co-host with Mr. Seacrest from time to time which I gotta say is a pretty cool gig. (Don’t tell him I said that.) I just returned from covering the Royal Wedding in London which was absolutely amazing and definitely a career high for me. Aside from my tv work, I have recently been named the brand champion for a new all green, safe, affordable skincare line called Own. Lastly, I’ve been spending any spare time I have on developing my new charity, Women Like Us Hollywood. After first writing a book of the same name, my mom, Linda Rendleman, started the foundation in Indianapolis. I then started a Hollywood chapter and am now co-president. We are mentoring young girls in the LA area and it’s an honor to do work at the community level.

How has the LA lifestyle changed you?

LA life is the good life. The sun shines almost every day. I haven’t had to shovel snow once in the five years I’ve been here. The climate is simply remarkable! Everyone is a wee more relaxed here on the west coast. My first year at work I would show up every single day on time. It took me a while to figure out that when people say be somewhere at 9, they really mean 9:30.

What are you favorite things to do when you visit Indy?

Mostly, I just like quality time with friends and family. My visits home never seem long enough. I will definitely fit in a trip to the Ripple and if it’s warm enough, it’s always fun to get out on Geist and jet ski.

Best thing about working at E!?

The clothes. Just kidding! The best thing about working at E! is simply the platform it gives me to do my favorite work. I absolutely love the art of the interview. I loved sitting across from Shania Twain last week and discussing her hopes, dreams, and greatest fears. I love laughing out loud with the cast of The Hangover; having a date with them to hear first hand about the hi-jinx in Bangkok in the sequel. I love when I hear Tom, our stage manager at E!, say “LIVE in five!” at the Academy Awards. Performing is a rush and a privilege. I know I’m not changing the world over here, but if I’ve entertained at all, then I’ve succeeded.

Who is the last celebrity you talked with?

Bradley Cooper, and all the fellas from Hangover.

Hottest guy you have ever talked with?
Johnny Depp. Duh. Gavin Rossdale is up there as well. Alex O’Laughlin is pretty smoking too. O Boy…

Most Beautiful Woman?

Kate Beckinsale without a doubt. Ravishing!

Explain what your daily Cattfirmations are all about?

One day I want to write a book of Cattfirmations. The phrase stems from the word “affirmations”, obviously. I spend a lot of work on myself every day. We as people put a lot of attention on our outer-selves, but Cattfirmations are my daily exercise of going inside. Of nurturing my spirit. Gwynth Paltrow calls it “nourishing the inner aspect”. People exercise to get fit physically. I keep my mind and emotions fit with these reminders of love and positive energy. Mostly, though, I write the Cattfirmations to inspire OTHERS to do the same. I hope it’s working!

What are you listening to right now?

Mark, you know me well. I love love love music. Right now I’m listening to Mumford & Sons, Adele, the Foo Fighters new album. I like Bruno Mars a lot. My kids always put in their two cents in the car as to what we listen to each day on the way to school or what not. They like Muse and Far East Movement.

If we looked in your purse right now what is the oddest item in it?

Funny! I have a razor and a pair of socks. An indication that I’m always on the run! Never know when you might need either!

What is your workout and diet regimen? How do you stay Hollywood sharp 24/7?

I just started back on the Tracy Anderson Method recently. Her method involves a lot of cardio and dance, so it works for me. (I was an Indiana University Redstepper back in my college days!) I would try these intense five or six days a week workouts and then burn out. The key for me is to just work out apx three days a week. It’s manageable. I also love friend and fellow Hoosier Molly Palmatier’s workout DVD called“Quick Cuts Pilates Practice”. It’s fantastic and I can do it from anywhere around the world, even when I’m traveling. I just started a new food delivery service called The Fresh Diet. These are organic, healthy meals with appropriate portion sizes. So far so good. Love it. The goal is to be bikini ready by June!

Ryan Seacrest or Mark Dubec easier to work with on TV?

Seacrest. Hands down. Mark Dubec spends way too much time on his hair.

Is it better to burn out or fade away?

Burn out.Fading away is like being killed softly. I believe in a bang.

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