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Foo Fighters call out to Cobain

Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic were part of a huge movement…which blasted into the mainstream with the production of Butch Vig.

The record was called Nevermind….you may remember it…the singer/writer was Kurt Cobain..

20 years after that classic record the 3 of them kind of quietly came together for one song….on the new Foo Fighters record “Wasting Light”


Is it about Kurdt?

That is for you to decide..but this song is excellent and it reunites the three remaining beings from the Nevermind sessions.

Make your way to the 2:54 mark in the song…you can hear Krist drop in with his nasty Nirvana-esque bass line…

The emotion and history of this trio making music for the first time in 20 years should make the hairs on your arm stand up…if not…Nevermind.


One Response to “Foo Fighters call out to Cobain”

  • Great stuff Dave Grohl for booting out the wanker who was making trouble at the Foo Fighters gig at London’s Roundhouse – way to go, Dave!

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