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People That Rock – Lindsay Manfredi

Here in Indianapolis we have many superstars living among us….I’m going to find them and highlight local talent.

Whether blazing a new trail, doing good deeds, or just making things happen.. this town is full of People That Rock.

Each month I will be featuring local people and find out what they’re all about.

If you know someone that deserves this title…send me their info. This is not sales related or biased in anyway…strictly based on facts…and my opinion. And even though our first profile actually is a real rocker…it could be anybody that is doing amazing things in Indy.

First up we are going to talk with Lindsay Manfredi and find out why she rocks this town.

Lindsay is the perfect person to start with.  She embodies all the criteria for “Rocking” including: rock star, mother, ghostblogger, social media mastermind, fitness nut, whiskey drinker, public speaker & coffee lover….
Lindsay is the singer/guitarist for Neon Love Life is her marketing company that specializes in online marketing and ghostblogging.
She is the co-founder of Girls Rock! Indianapolis camp which helps young women to gain self esteem and learn performance skills.
But her favorite job is being a mommy to her 7 year old daughter Bella.

Here is my interview with Lindsay…

Q-Who are you?

A-I’m a girl who plays music, I’m a writer and artist..and I look to do a lot for my community…I’m active!

Q-How do you balance?
A- I work out….(laughs)’s the only thing that keeps me balanced…I meditate…I have a work life, a band, I’m a mom, and I  run a non profit rock n roll camp…the balance is time blocking in my Google calendar….(laughs)…I meditate every morning for 15 minutes and get a coffee…I’m also a P90x fanatic..

Q- What do you love about Indy?

A-Everything! But if I have to pick one would be the community…people get behind what you are into because they want to support you…to have them come out to shows…there are some people that have never missed a show…and the music scene is amazing…the people..I love the people..

Q- Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

A- I’ll be 42…hopefully producing bands and very much a part of the music scene and playing too..

I’m going to be in a relationship with a good person that allows me to be me…because that was the problem with my last relationship..

Hanging out with my daughter and supporting anything she does..she will be 17…maybe promoting my best selling book..(smiles)

Q- Who inspires you?

A-My Daughter…(smiles)

Q-Where does your artistic inspiration come from?

A-Other music.. I’m deeply influenced by Courtney Love, Billy Corgan, and Nina Diaz….Courtney is a great lyricist and I like her persona…She was the one that I was singing in the mirror with the vacuum screaming…”go on take everything”…and Adam duritz too.

Q-One word that describes you?


Q- Is it better to burn out or fade away?

A- (Long pause)…when I was 21.. I had this shirt that I wore all the time that said live fast…die pretty.

Lindsay and her band are celebrating their CD release tonight at Radio Radio. 

If you liked this story, pass it on..share this link….thanks for visiting.


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