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Pirates – Review

A pirate movie that takes place on the beautiful Sea with a compelling character like Jack Sparrow is a good foundation for a movie.

On Stranger Tides is in 3D and having the ability to experience movies on the huge screens at most theaters also provides a good reason for this to be worth your time.

All of the films is this franchise are full of great adventure and with Johnny Depp channeling Keith Richards..its  a good swashbuckling  time.

But lets talk about the other elements that tend to spoil the experience.

It’s a little slow and too long.

The story is one dimensional and fairly ridiculous.

There is no reason to drag out the lack of story for 2 plus hours.

If this movie was 90 minutes it would have been a much better experience.

Watching a bunch of actors sword fight for 5 minute intervals over and over gets old for me. Get rid of some of that stuff.

And how many times can we watch Jack get himself in trouble and then find some crazy way to break free. In this movie a couple times too many.

The Mermaids were best part of the film…completely blew me away.

From their appearance, to the way they were used in the film..just an excellent concept that blended well into this franchise.

All of the characters are on the hunt for the Fountain of  Youth…this sounds better than it actually turned out.

There are many things to like about the new pirates movie but I can’t say its better than the rest.

The Bottom Line…

If you are a fan then do it, but overall it was an average movie for me…$$

Rated PG-13  2 hrs 17 minutes


One Response to “Pirates – Review”

  • I must say, I really enjoyed this one… not the best in the series, but close. I am a BIG fan of this series, and this was no different. The mermaids MADE this film. Actually, I really liked how they take you on a journey, from start to finish. You don’t need the back story to enjoy this movie. It’s all alone… a pirate, a journey, and some sword fights. Someone could see this, never having seen the others, and enjoy it.

    I liked it… a lot.

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