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Bad Teacher – Review

Cameron Diaz is a selfish money hungry sexpot that is out to find a rich husband.

She plays Elizabeth Halsey who spends her time working as a teacher.

This is not a job she is good at…or cares about.

She naps while her students watch movies and abuses alcohol and drugs too.

She is for sure a bad teacher.

The cast is full of quirky,  interesting characters.

Lucy Punch is the perfect teacher , Amy Squirrel , and she clashes with Diaz while competing for the attention of the hot new substitute teacher played

by Justin Timberlake.

Jason Segal is a gym teacher that wants to date the sexy bad teacher and he adds some laughs.

This is one of those movies where its just good enough to keep you interested, and it has a nice amount of silly humor, but overall you leave feeling like..

Yeah it was OK.

Not enough things work and overall its a pretty lame premise for a movie.

I do think Cameron plays the bad girl real good  but I was slightly disappointed with Justin’s performance.

He seemed a bit awkward and not very funny, except for the one bedroom scene with his real life ex Cameron Diaz.

When the happy ending comes it does not really work…it was too late to try and bring any realistic life happenings into such a ludicrous film.

The Bottom Line…

$$-  Fun stars and some crazy humor but overall…just OK.

Rated R Running time of 1Hr 29 Minutes

3 Responses to “Bad Teacher – Review”

  • Shirley:

    Great review Mark. I saw the movie last night and you are right. It was just good enough to keep you interested with a few funny parts.

  • Mary:

    I completely agree Mark. I thought the same thimg when I watched it Thursday night. I loved reading your review.

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