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Sizzling Summer Movies

So…Summer is here. There are concerts to attend…parties to throw. Many outdoor activities take up our time this time of year.

Hollywood also drops their big films to rake in the cash while school is out.

This is my summer preview….

The Summer Sizzle Scale is 1-10 with 1 being “This does not look good” and 10 being “Must See this movie”


Larry Crowne – Tom Hanks directs Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts in a story about a man trying to make a new start in his life after losing everything.

I have already screened this and will be talking to Hanks this weekend.  I can’t review this until opening weekend.

The Summer Sizzle Score: 7

Big stars and a come back story….July 1.



Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Shia is growing up and once again he gets mixed up with the giant metal dudes.

This is number 3 and no Megan Fox…but John Malkovich is in it.

I would say that the franchise is losing steam…people know what to expect..a really long and loud movie with over the top action.

Still fans will go out and see this…buzz is still strong. The Summer Sizzle Score: Solid 7. July 1.


Kevin James and some zoo animals..has to be good for a few laughs.

Talking to Kevin next week at the St. Louis Zoo…should be interesting.

Trailer looks funny.

Summer Sizzle Score: 7 July 8.




Harry potter comes to an end…the Deatlhy Hallows part 2 will be the final Potter film…

If you have watched or read all the others this is a must see.

Summer Sizzle Score: 9. July 15.





Captain America – July 22

Summer Sizzle Score: 6

People are growing a little weary of all the different comic movies..I want to see this one though. Like the idea of the wimpy guy being turned into this awesome soldier.





Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig directed by Jon Favreau…this looks awesome.

I’m looking forward to this film the most.

Summer Sizzle Score: 10 July 29






They were cool when I was little…Smurfette is awesome.

Will it register with the moviegoers? Not sure but Smurfs are special to many people.

Summer Sizzle Score: 6 July 29








James Franco and some digital apes going crazy in San Francisco sounds pretty cool. I’m in.

Summer Sizzle Score: 8 August 5.







Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds in a comedy together…need no more info…in.

Summer Sizzle Score: 8 August 5.







Emma Stone in a movie based on the best selling book. Buzz is very strong.

I’m interviewing cast in a few weeks…stoked to meet Emma. Loved Easy A.

Summer Sizzle Score: 8 August 12.





Should be a fun time at the movies this summer….enjoy!

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