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Super 8 -Review

If you want to see a creative alien concept film, Super 8 is for you.

A group of kids from Ohio are looking to make a movie on their Super 8 camera in 1979.

What happens during one of the shoots will change their lives and the town they live in forever.

There is great action, mystery, and suspense throughout the film.

But what makes this movie special is the touching relationships and connections between the characters.

JJ Abrams and Spielberg have created a blend of Stand By Me, E.T., and The Transformers into an interesting little alien movie.

Kyle Chandler from Friday Night Lights is great as a local cop trying to save his son and the town.

Elle Fanning as Alice Dainard is fun to watch, and this young actress has some serious talent.

What really makes the film work is the lead character played by Joel Courtney.

He loses his mother and then must deal with a mourning father and aliens too.

Falling in love, coming to terms, and moving on is the message that Super 8 delivers and I liked it.

I don’t want to give away too much…so just know this is a good sci-fi movie about a group of friends trying to make a movie and find an alien instead.

This is an Alien film that is actually more about the earthlings than the thing from space… and in that way it succeeds.

$$$- Do it!

Rated Pg-13 1 Hr 52 Minutes

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