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Captain America – Gift Pack

Today (Friday July 15) I will be giving out a code for free tickets to see Captain America: The First Avenger here in Indy.

You can enter right here…right now to win the Captain America gift pack from the studio.

Just leave me a message and let me know what your favorite movie of 2011 is so far.

You are automatically entered. A winner will be randomly selected on Friday July 15 by 3PM.

*must live in central Indiana and be able to pick up gift pack downtown at WISH-TV.




32 Responses to “Captain America – Gift Pack”


    Favorite movie this summer: Zookeeper

  • cs_indy:

    Bridesmaids by far. Better than The Hangover 2.


    My fav so far is Transformers 3 (kinda long) but it was action packed.

  • Super 8 was outstanding with Insidious a close 2nd!

  • Eric A.:

    Super 8 was my favorite movie.

  • Steven Roman:

    I would have to say Transformers 3 so far is my favorite this year!

  • Tony George:

    I really enjoyed “The Priest”, which was in 3D and kept you at the edge of your seat.

  • David Leap:

    I have had a lot of favorites so far…Thor X-Men green lantern but I think my favorite so far was x-men because of the portrayal of young Magneto…movie very inaccurate but they made it work and much better than I had anticipated!

  • Michelle Hahn:

    My FAVORITE movie this year is definitely Horrible Bosses…omg it was so funny! I definitely rank it up there with Hangover 1/2 and Bad Teacher for me! There were so many good movies this year (adjustment bureau I have watched on dvd like 5 times already!)

  • David Leap:

    I really enjoyed Thor X-Men and the green lantern so far. Still need to see Transformers 3. I think X-Men is my favorite so far. It was very inaccurate but they were able to make it work and I enjoyed much more than I thought I would. The best part was the young portrayal of Magneto thought it was incredible.

  • Vivica Lance:

    My favorite movie was “Born to Be Wild” as I learned a lot about Elephants and Orangutans from this movie.

  • D.MOODY:

    I would have to say as of right now transformer 3 is in the lead as my favorites movie…. Only because I didn’t enjoy T2, probably because Steven Spilberg didn’t produce it….. Speaks wonders about his work, he’s just in a class of his own. It was just as much plot and story as it was action in this movie and that really gets my attention….

  • Tracy Concannon:

    So far my favorite movie of 2011 is “Horrible Bosses”! Thanks.

  • Kim Wilson:

    Battle of LA

    • mdubec:

      Kim Wilson…you are the winner. Congrats and enjoy the Captain America stuff! Appreciate you visiting my site -Mark
      You can pick up the gift pack at the front desk of WISH-TV M_F 9A-5P.
      It is being held under your name.

  • Kyle Carothers:

    My favorite so far is Transformers: Dark of the Moon, the great action scenes and cameos made up for the lack of plot.

  • Scott Tuggle:

    Favorite movie of 2011 so far: Bad Teacher.

  • Kim DeFonce:

    My favorite movie was Bridesmaids. It was so funny and my friends and I laughed the whole movie!

  • Angela Braden:

    Favorite movie of 2011 thus far has been Super 8 – it was such a throwback to the ‘good ole days’ and it really brought me back to how life was simpler and it was a good memory of one of the great movies of all time when I was growing up: E.T. I didn’t have high expectations of the film just by being told what it was about, but ended up being very pleasantly surprised at how good it was. It was a great opportunity to have seen this movie during it’s screening…it would have likely have been one I would have passed up paying for tickets to see in the theatre. Definitely one to see this summer! I recommend it to people of all ages!

  • Mary S:

    Picking my favorite movie so far in 2011 is hard. I’ve seen so many that I really liked. I think I’m going to have to go with Transformers 3 though! This movie was action packed the whole way through! Loved it!

  • mv:

    Cedar Rapids!

  • Marie W.:

    favorite movie so far….Rio!

  • Grant:

    My favorite so far has been X-Men First Class.

  • Nathan Lindsay:

    Pirates of the Caribbean has been my favorite movie this year.

  • Craig Beougher:

    The Hangover 2 has been my most favorite movie this year.


  • Lindsey Maloof:

    Hangover 2 has been my favorite so far!

  • Sandi Mojzuk:

    Favorite so far was Bridesmaids. About time us gals got to do stupid stuff….

  • ryan:

    X-men and HP hands down.

  • Paul D.:

    Horrible Bosses

  • Tiffany Lindsay:

    Soul Surfer has been my Favorite movie of the year. It was very inspiring movie.

  • Shirley Moody:

    Super 8 is my fav for 2011, so far.

  • steve y:

    Super 8 by far. Reminds me of the old Spielberg movies of my youth and was fun!

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