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Red Light Driver

Last summer while filming a TV show about the Broad Ripple Music Festival we stumbled into the Casbah and heard something fantastic.

The sounds were coming from the band Red Light Driver  

The sound and energy reminded me of early U2 records with some new wave sounds. The song structures are excellent and they write good melodies.

My favorite songs of theirs are: Opportunist & The Crow of Roberts Park

I asked singer/guitarist Derek Osgood some questions about the band and  life.  This Friday they will be at Radio Radio for the Tonic Ball Artist Announcement show. Neon Love Life will also be showing their new music video. It’s an early show. Doors at 6:30 and It’s free too! You need to come out, have a drink and listen to some good local music….at a FREE show.

What is Red Light Driver all about?
We’re rock band inspired by the music we grew up listening to… four friends with distinct playing styles that help form a nostalgic yet modern take on alternative rock.  
How do you know when you have connected with an audience during a show?
You can tell the audience is really into it when there’s a roar right at the last note, and cheers at the beginning of a new song.
Favorite pre-show ritual or food/drinks?
We like to loosen up with a couple of good beers… preferably free. Most of the time we gather by the drums right before we go on and say a few words about kicking ass. 
What do you think the greatest song of all time is?
Whatever we’re working on at the time… but no, seriously, “Don’t Fear The Reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult is mine. It’s hard to choose just one. 
Best concert you have ever attended?
A tie between The Cure’s “Wish” tour, U2’s Pop Mart tour, or Spiritualized at a sparsely-attended show at the Vogue.   
Favorite part of being in a rock band?
Playing, writing, and recording original music.
Worst thing about working in the music industry?
Everything that’s not playing, writing or recording music. The daily grind of promotion and staying relevant. 
What influenced the band’s sound?
Anything from 60s Garage music to 80s New Wave mixed in with our own personal trials and tribulations. 
What is your favorite song by your band and why?
“The Crows Of Roberts Park” or “Diamond Rough”. They both have those quiet to loud moments of energy.
If you were not playing in this band, you would be doing what?
I would be playing in another band or working on new Lunar Event material.
Favorite 3 movies of all time?
2001 A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, or whatever B-movie slasher films Drew brings on tour. 
What does the next year look like for the band?
We’re really looking forward to recording our next full-length. I think the next year will revolve around that.
Is it better to burn out or fade away?
It’s better to always burn as bright as you can.

2 Responses to “Red Light Driver”

  • Sam:

    That RLD show at The Casbah was the best small venue, short set show I have ever seen, heard and/or felt. If they could bottle that night and douse the world in it, this whole thing would all come together.

    • mdubec:

      I agree about that show…I was about to leave…and was stunned by how great it was…hoping to see that again tonight!

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