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The Change Up – Review

There have been many switch places movies over the years.

Walking in another’s shoes and experiencing things is a genre all to itself.

From Freaky Friday to all of me to 18 again…Hollywood never tires of this body swap theme.

The switch in The Change Up is between two best friends that have completely different lives.

Jason Bateman is a successful family man and Ryan Reynolds is a party animal swinging single guy.

The casting of these two guys was perfect and this body swap comedy works because the actors are hilarious, the story flows nicely and it’s full of big laughs.

There is some honest writing of these characters and they say and do what they want…even if its not what everyone wants to hear…in that way it’s a different take on this theme.

There are a few shocking or gross out funny scenes thrown in because of the mandatory Hangover/Apatow trend in comedies these days.

The ending is kind of predictable and silly…

But too much good stuff throughout for that to matter..

The Bottom Line…

Two funny guys in a great comedy…$$$…Do it!

Rated R

1 hr 45 minutes

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