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The Hangover Part III: Review

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hangover 3 posterWatching The Hangover was one of the most fun and hilarious movie experiences of my life. A group of guys head out to Las Vegas for a bachelor party and things get way out of hand. They wake up and need to retrace what happened the night before. It was full of shocking humor and bad behavior. The second movie also starts with “The Wolf Pack” attending a wedding and they wind up looking for answers about the wild night they can’t remember. With the third offering director Todd Phillips decided to drop this formulaic pattern and throws them into a silly caper involving John Goodman and the funny, but best-in-small-doses, Mr Chow. I was very much looking forward to Hangover 3, but sadly it was not very good and I only laughed a few times. These characters are so fun to watch and you genuinely feel like they are actually having a good time making the movie. I appreciate the silly humor and crazy situations they get in regardless of how crude it is, but here they miss the mark. The film starts with Mr. Chow and then continues to push the least important character on you for the majority of the film. I want to see The Wolf Pack! And that does not include Justin Bartha, by the way. Bradley, Zach and Ed…they are the characters to focus on at all times. Put them in odd situations, drunk or drugged up and having fun. Then let us enjoy the way they pick up the pieces and try to return to their normal lives. That was the payoff of the first two films…it was an escape! Rather than continue with a successful and enjoyable cookie cutter plot line they chose to try something different, and it’s a disappointment. You will never hear someone say, “OMG, you HAVE to see The Hangover Part III,” Not going to happen. 

Hangover 3 image
There are a few funny moments and Zach Galifianakis is actually pretty solid. Heather Graham from the first film makes a brief and non impressive cameo. Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms basically are supporting actors to Mr. Chow who I hear is getting a spin off film…ugh. The ending tries to finally bring you back into the successful formula we all love, but it’s too little too late. The previous films started with an exciting event that anchors the story…a wedding. The idea of  a seemingly safe and common event  that goes horribly wrong, and watching the main three characters dealing with all the insanity, is what made the franchise so exciting and successful. This Hangover will only leave you feeling hungover.

Bottom Line….play the hits, make us laugh, and let us escape for a little while…there is no crime in that..this did not work.

$ – Not Good

Rate R 1hr 40 min

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