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Riddick: Review

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113030Riddick is the latest chapter in the ongoing space saga starring Vin Diesel. It started with 2000’s sci-fi film Pitch Black and continued in 2004’s The Chronicles of Riddick. Diesel has not been overly busy acting. Other than a handful of movies, most of his work has been tied to the Riddick and Fast & Furious franchises. He is averaging about a movie a year since his breakout role in 2000’s Boiler Room. Must be nice. The deep voice and limited dialogue of this action star slowly continue on.
Riddick has been deserted on a planet that appears to be lifeless and resembles the color of coffee with cream. He eventually discovers he is not alone and has to fight for survival against alien predators. Once he reaches a point of desperation and survival is not looking good, he activates an emergency signal that brings two groups of bounty hunters his way. 

131353Here is what you need to know. The entire film looks like a video game, which is not a bad thing. Video games these days look pretty amazing. Unfortunately, the story and acting are about at video game quality level too- and that is not good. The costumes are weak but the alien-monsters are really cool. They look like a hybrid of the creature from the Alien movies and a scorpion. Riddick has a wild dog pet in the movie that he finds as a puppy and raises. The dialogue of Riddick is beyond cheesy. The acting from the rest of the cast is bad. It’s that whole Rambo mentality that’s at play here. They say things like, “He’s only one man.” The best part of the movie for me was the awesome motorcycle-hovercraft things they ride on. You will get action, gore and some cool weapons along the way, but don’t expect anything more. One of my favorite lines of the film is from the leader of one of the bounty hunter crews. When frustrated over their feeble attempts to capture Riddick he says, “He’s a convict, not some zulu warlock.”

The Bottom line…Could be a cult classic for how kind of oddly cool and stupid it is. Other than that a very average affair.

$$- OK

Rated R
1Hr 59Min

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