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The Colts Report: Week 12

The Colts Report Week 12: The Colts visit the surging Arizona Cardinals and game plan against an old friend.

Another slow start against the Titans last week, and another come back win for a Colts team that has just about locked up a playoff spot already this season. They happen to be playing in a division that has three lousy teams. The other members of the AFC South have 6 wins collectively! Outside of a total catastrophe and losing the rest of their games, the Colts will be playing football in January. Keeping the momentum and building on their success is what this team will be striving for starting in week 12. It would be helpful to figure out a way to stop getting behind early. As we witnessed with the St. Louis Rams game, you don’t always get an exciting come back victory.


The Christmas wish list for the Colts includes:

  1. Finding ways to start games better. Maybe Trent Richardson could finally show up and help with this one?
  2. Looking for one more offensive weapon to step up and and help replace the production of Reggie Wayne. Paging Darrius Heyward-Bey.
  3. Keep Andrew Luck healthy and on the field. This is the number one most important thing.

The Colts (7-3) take on a surging Arizona Cardinals (6-4) team that have been winning games with veteran QB Carson Palmer at the helm. They also have one of the toughest defensive squads in the league lead by the amazing Patrick Peterson. The game will be out in the desert this Sunday at 4:05 PM (ET). It seems there is a dramatic story behind the scenes of many of the Colts game this year, and this week is no different. Bruce Arians is the Head Coach of the Cardinals and everyone he worked with here in Indy last year is still a big fan of his. You can tell  just by the look on their faces how much respect the players have for their interim coach from last season.

“I feel very fortunate to have played under him,” said Andrew Luck, “I matured a lot football wise, and outside of football largely because of him. It’s hard to sort of reminisce now, I don’t know if this is the time, but I think when I look back after I’m done playing this game, I’ll look back and have a lot of fond memories of playing under B.A. (Bruce Arians)”

Robert Mathis mirrored the admiration for Arians, “He kept Chucks plan afloat. Great leader, he kept us going. Any other week I would root for coach B.A. but not this week. He is real, a no nonsense guy. You have to respect that and ultimately friendships are formed that way.”


Defensive End Cory Redding offered the media some nice sentiments about the holiday season and appreciating our blessings this time a year. The veteran player understands each game during this time of year is a playoff atmosphere.

“No doubt about it. November and December is all playoff mindset from here on out,” said Redding,“This is the time of year where you can position yourself and look real nice going into January, or you can stink it up and be sitting at home saying, “I shoulda-coulda-woulda.” We worked to dog gone hard the last two years to be where we are at now. “

Coach Pagano was asked about the best advice he ever received from Bruce Arians, the man that helped him carry his team to the playoffs last season while he was battling cancer.

The answer was simple….”Stay steady.”

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