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Top Ten Movies 2013


Sometimes when reflecting on the year in film, it’s not always necessarily what was good that comes to mind, but what was memorable that seems to resonate with people.

Not for me this year. 2013 was not one of my favorites for movies. Some of the high profile films that are pushed our way toward award season were very underwhelming.

12 Years a Slave, Gravity and The Wolf of Wall Street stood out and really created a buzz this year.

Although those films were all interesting and thought provoking in their own distinct ways, they did not make my list.

Here are my Top Ten Movies of 2013. These are the ones that moved me in some way and made for the best overall movie experiences.

If you missed any of these films, I hope you check them out and enjoy.

Happy New Year and best in 2014.

1- Blue Jasmine
2- American Hustle
3- Her
4- Before Midnight
5- Enough Said
6- The Place Beyond the Pines
7- Prisoners
8- The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
9- Mud
10- We’re the Millers

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