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Paul Blart 2

Kevin James in the role of a mall cop who fights crime while riding a Segway was a funny situation for many laughs in the first Paul Blart offering. Now, the man that is always looking for proper respect and recognition as an officer is back in action. This time he is taking his talents to Las Vegas. The overall reviews and buzz seem to be on the negative side for this movie, but I’m taking a different approach for my review. There are classic movies and then there are movies that will make for a good time with the entire family. Let’s be honest, rarely do you get both of those things in one sitting.

Throughout the year I see a ton of movies and it’s rare for me to get as excited as I did to see a film with my kids. That is the beauty of the Paul Blart movies. Kevin James slapstick tomfoolery makes me laugh and the movie rides the line of adult humor and content that kids and teens can enjoy too. There are just not enough PG rated good family films coming around the cineplex these days. So, in that way I really enjoyed Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2. It also works if you did not see the first one and that is another positive aspect that makes it an even more accessible film.

After losing his wife to divorce the down on his luck officer Blart is off to Vegas to attend the national security patrol convention. (Or something like that.) His daughter is along for the ride and is hiding a secret from her father about being accepted to college out of state. Blart is joined by a silly cast of characters who are also mall cops and that gives this second film the ability to be different and still funny. Kevin James is always looking for a laugh with every word and movement and even though he misses from time to time, he hits enough to make it worthwhile.  There is a bad guy and a plot to rip off the casino which goes sideways and of course its officer Blart to the rescue. It’s kind of like Die Hard but funnier and overall not as good. The Wynn Casino plays host to the story and it makes for a nice backdrop. There is an excellent scene where Blart finds himself part of “Le Reve,” the beautiful aquatic show at Wynn. This marks the first time that Steve Wynn has allowed a commercial film to be shot at his property.


My kids asked me how many stars I was going to give Paul Blart 2 and they were surprised and disappointed I wasn’t giving it my highest rating. Somewhere in that sentiment is why this movie is worth your time and money. It’s a great family experience and you are sure to leave with your wallet a little lighter and a smile on your face.

If you are not with your kids, didn’t like the first movie, and don’t like Kevin James then this is not the film for you.

Bottom Line: The movie is just and average slapstick, silly comedy starring Kevin James- but the character, franchise and experience makes it better than that.

$$$- Do it

Rated PG
1Hr 34min

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