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Mad Max: Fury Road : Review

Tom Hardy - Mad Max

The power of this new Mad Max film is overwhelming. It starts out right away with action and it keeps you ripping through the wasteland for two hours rarely letting off the gas. My memories of the Mel Gibson versions of this tale are something very different and it barely even feels like the same film series. Those movies are something separate and they have their place in cinematic history. George Miller brings you the fourth installment of his Mad Max franchise; the first one is 30 years! Fury Road is an entirely new beast that deserves to be judged on its own merits. The characters and story are both frightening and completely fascinating. There is so much weirdness going on all over the screen in this Mad Max; you will be thinking about it long after leaving the theater. Tom Hardy is my favorite new actor and he barely speaks throughout this relentless beast of a film, but you won’t care because he is just so incredibly awesome as Max. The filmmakers did an excellent job of casting and creating the characters. The imagery throughout is something to marvel at. It’s a bombastic thrill ride that is massive on screen in so many ways. The sound was intense and the acting sharp.

MaD Max mask

The bad guy, Immortan Joe, is super creepy and will be an iconic character for years to come. I can see his costume being a big hit at many Halloween festivities this year for sure. The story is basically a two-hour chase scene. Charlize Theron plays Imperator Furios and she is perfect for this very tough and demanding role. She grabs Immortan Joe’s wives and takes off in a gigantic war machine to save the girls and find a better place for them all to live away from the disturbing universe they are running from. Obviously the warlord is very angry and goes after them with everything in his arsenal. From a truck that is basically a wall of speakers with a creepy dude playing a flame throwing guitar to warriors crashing into the nitrous- fueled war rig using javelin-like sticks, it’s a wild freak-fest.

Mad Max guitar guy

mad max hd


If you are not into weird and disturbing action films this is not the ticket for you. It’s loud and very aggressive filmmaking. If you are a fan of action and interesting characters this just may be your favorite film of the year.

The Bottom Line: This is a post-apocalyptic masterpiece that is relentless in its pursuit to entertain you. Get to the theater and welcome Tom Hardy and the Max Max franchise into the 21st Century!

$$$$- Excellent

Rated R
120 minutes

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