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Entourage: Review


The boys of Entourage are back and after a forced and awkward start the familiar characters and storylines fall right back in line with the TV series. What I enjoyed most about Entourage as a show, and now a film, is the bond and loyalty that exists between the main characters. Without that important element this series would have just been another average HBO show. It’s the heart and humor surrounding the cast that makes the experience feel like hanging out with your best friends and family. Doug Ellin does a nice job of showing us a good time and always selects great music for the ride. The theme song is from Jane’s Addiction and there is excellent placement towards the end where The Who’s Eminence Front lays exquisitely against the Hollywood backdrop. It’s the perfect moment to say goodbye to the entourage guys as this song was also in the first episode of HBO’s Entourage. There are great songs by Royal Blood and Tame Impala too.

entourage best group image


There are cameos throughout the film and it’s always fun to see familiar faces pop up in this semi-realistic version of Los Angeles. Everyone from Tom Brady to Andrew Dice Clay and Kelsey Grammer make appearances. I can see where some filmgoers would think this movie is disconnected and obnoxious and there is some truth to that. I would say that was a part of the charm of the original series. Anything was in bounds for a laugh and absurd storylines were a common theme. But isn’t that what being young and famous in Hollywood is all about? It’s a crazy and plastic place full of ego driven materialistic people. For Vince Chase and his boyhood friends they enjoy the ride while having each other’s backs and that makes this a pleasurable ride. Let’s not dwell on the fact the movie feels like watching a season of Entourage in 1 hour and 45 minutes, and it’s probably better suited for a TV Show. Go see the boys have a blast together one more time. It will probably be the last time you will see them. Johnny Drama is one of the best characters from a TV show ever and I wish Kevin Dillon success beyond his Entourage notoriety.


Bottom Line: If you liked the show you will enjoy this film.

$$$- Do it

Rated R

1hr 45 min


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