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The Witch: Review


The Witch is a new horror film that uses very old school methods to try and give you a scare. The story explores the classic themes of witchcraft and black magic. All of the creepiness revolves around a New England family from back in the 1600’s. They are forced to relocate, after having some issues in their hometown, to a dark and scary looking wooded area. Bad idea! From there, one horrible thing after another begins to happen.

This is the first offering from Writer/director Robert Eggers and he does a nice job of creating a story that builds slowly and reveals very little. I commend him on sticking to this theme, but ultimately it’s a bit boring in the middle. Everything that happens near the woods is blamed on the teenage daughter and eventually the family starts buying into the fact that she may be the witch. I would have liked to see more of the real witch and the tempo of the story needed to be quicker. If you want to see a classic creepy film with some disturbing violent scenes towards the end, then you may enjoy The Witch. If you buy into all the media chatter that this is an extremely scary classic horror film, you will be disappointed. It’s a small movie with some original and interesting direction, but it’s not for everyone. I do look forward to seeing what Robert Eggers does next.


The Bottom Line: A few scares delivered using old school style but a little slow moving for me.

MovieMark Grade: C

Rated R
1hr 32min

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