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Top Ten Movies of 2016

Top Ten Movies of 2016

It would be nice to reflect on the year of movies and have a difficult time picking just ten films that were worth watching. It does happen, but not often and not this year. These are my top choices after watching most of the movies released throughout the year and way too many the past few months during awards consideration. These ten selections are the films that entertained and moved me the most in 2016. There are a few scares and laughs sprinkled into the mix with a unique sci-fi tale at the top spot. After watching so many films over the years the offerings that stand out are usually the ones that have something original or new to say. If there are films on this list you have not seen, then I hope you get the chance to check them out and you enjoy the experience.

Happy New Year. -Mark

1. Arrival – Smart take on the science-fiction/alien theme with stellar acting.

2.  Deadpool – Original and outrageous superhero that comes to life because of Ryan Reynolds.

3.  10 Cloverfield Lane – John Goodman is brilliant in this mind bending thriller that keeps you guessing until the end.

4 .  Hell or High Water – Classic vibe with compelling characters and a great ensemble cast.

5.   The Nice Guys – Funny and interesting crime drama set in 1970’s Los Angeles with two actors that are fun to watch with good chemistry.

6.   Everybody Wants Some!!   Richard Linklater has a special way of creating memorable characters that remind us of people we knew and experiences we had while growing up. This has plenty of laughs and good times for you.

7.   Jackie – Natalie Portman delivers the best performance of the year as the iconic first lady. A fascinating look behind the scenes of a devastating moment in history and the woman who had to deal with the aftermath.

8.   Lights Out – Scary and original concept.

9.   20th Century Women – Annette Bening shines as a single mother doing her best to raise her teenage son while finding her own way through life. Excellent ensemble cast with memorable characters.

10.  The Accountant – This was not at all what I expected. A very unique and well done film about a different kind of superhero.

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