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Gold: Review

This is a side of Matthew Mcconaughey nobody has ever seen. After his jaw dropping appearance as Kenny Wells in Gold it will be hard to forget the sight of this version of the shirtless wunderkind. He lost weight for his Oscar winning performance in Dallas Buyers Club and now he goes in the opposite direction for his latest film.

Gold is an adventure/drama film about a down on his luck businessman that partners with a geologist to search for gold deep in the jungle. Kenny Wells is a shyster that is always looking for the next big deal and trying to live up to the success of his father. He puts his business and making money ahead of everything else in life. His health and appearance are of no concern and he struggles to keep the relationship with his long time girlfriend together. He is all in on finding gold and making money. Going on a gut feeling he risks it all. It’s based on the true story of a 1993 mining scandal.

You will need to lower your expectations to truly enjoy this experience. It’s an interesting story starring one of our finest actors playing off character in a gold chasing jungle crime story. It’s not perfect and there are many disconnected weak portions throughout. The saving grace is Mcconaughey. He owns this character and really commands your attention. You may not like this version of him, but he certainly is believable as Kenny Wells. I watched this screener back in November for awards consideration and enjoyed the film. It was surprising to find out it was actually based on real events. With an overall weak and kind of downer crop of award films this year Gold was a film that was actually fun to watch.

They messed up the connection and relationship between Matthew and his onscreen girlfriend Kay, played by Bryce Dallas Howard. Somehow this relationship never felt right and it was hard to buy into the scenes that begged to be felt about their relationship. The movie is kind of all over the place and struggles to find its center. With that said, it’s rare these days to have a movie like this with a major star trying something other than the superhero genre.

The Bottom Line: A fun and crazy adventure with a great actor is good enough to see but lower your expectations.

MovieMark Grade: B

Rated R

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