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Patriots Day: Review

Mark Wahlberg stars in a film directed by Peter Berg about the horrendous bombing during the 2013 Boston marathon and the manhunt that followed. Most films based on actual events kind of turn me off, mainly because I prefer to not know the ending of a story. Going into watching a movie I want as little information as possible about what is about to hit the screen. With that in mind, Patriots Day does a nice job of being a good movie even when faced with this issue. Wahlberg is always cool to watch and he is solid in this.

The most interesting portions of the movie are the scenes recounting what actually happened in the aftermath of the attacks. This sad tale was one that I only caught the headlines on and there was so much more to this story and the people involved. Peter Berg does a nice job keeping it real and you can feel the stress and pressure with all of those involved with finding the cowards responsible for the bombing. Chances are you don’t remember all the details either and that will make for an exciting and impactful movie experience. There are prideful moments that will inspire tears and very sad portions of the film when we are forced to see again what happened and how if affected so many. The overwhelming feeling when it’s over is one of appreciation when watching the dedication and resiliency of all the people in Boston and those involved with this tragedy. A city coming together to fight evil and do good together is inspiring to watch.

Bottom Line: It’s a good film about a terrible event.

MovieMark Grade: B

Rated R

2hr 10min


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