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Get Out: Review

Get Out is a creative and intelligently weaved mystery that brings a few scares and laughs along the way. The headline here is that funny guy Jordan Peele, from the popular sketch series team Key & Peele, makes his directorial debut with a scary movie, but there is so much more to this story.

I’m a big advocate of new directions when it comes to movies these days. We get stuck in a rut with certain genres and tend to repeat poorly the successful pictures over and over again. What we have here is something original that could possibly start a new trend in Hollywood, that is, if it makes money. The young actor Daniel Kaluuya is excellent in the lead role and shows real depth as an actor. I’m not sure this movie works without his performance; it’s perfect and balances the different themes througout the experience. Surprisingly, the mom played by veteran actress Catherine Keener is great too. It’s been awhile since I have enjoyed a performance by her. She’s cast perfectly as the creepy and strange mother that is also a top psychiatrist with a specialty in hypnosis. I can’t stand Bradley Whitford and he did not disappoint in this. He’s hard to watch as the loud mouthed father, but it works for his character in the movie, so I could deal with it.

The premise is simple enough: a young couple, Rose and Chris, are headed home for a weekend where Rose can introduce her new boyfriend to the family. The subject of race is present throughout the film and from the start we begin with the fact that Chris is concerned she did not tell the family that he is African American. Peele does a great job of making a scary mystery movie that incorporates themes of race with just the right balance of terror and humor. This is a different film experience and I’m a big fan of originality. The problems I had with Get Out are more about the ultimate reveal and the nature in which the film kind of quickly explains itself and ends. Some of the momentum building about what is actually going on during the visit home is lost throughout and after it was over, I’m not sure the pieces of the story make all that much sense. As negative as that may sound, the creativity is where Get Out truly succeeds as it carves out its own path and it will have you engaged from start to finish regardless. The humor comes in heavy doses during the scenes involving Chris’s friend, TSA officer Rod (Lil Rel Howery), he is hilarious!

Bottom line: There is enough good here to make this worth your time and money. Add in the performance by Kaluuya with the originality of Peele’s story and direction, and you have a winning combination.

MovieMark Grade: B

Rated R
1hr 45min

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