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Logan: Review

Hugh Jackman plays the role of Wolverine one more time. Logan will be the last Marvel Comics Wolverine film in which the character is played by Hugh Jackman. This is the tenth picture in the X-Men film series. The story follows an over-the-hill and disheveled Logan caught up in a final adventure in the year 2029. This last offering is dark, sad and violent. Overall there is a depressing and disturbing vibe that permeates throughout all of the action. Just a heads up for parents; all of the previous films in the X-Men series have been PG-13, Logan is an R-rated film and although there are many kids involved as characters, it’s a very rough and violent movie. There is just something special about Jackman as Wolverine and the struggles he has endured through all of the movies over the past seventeen years. It’s different and refreshing, but also frustrating at times to see him never really accept who he is and just enjoy life. There is an edge to him and that is exasperated by age and depression in Logan. He is down on his luck and trying his best to stay hidden while helping his old friend Charles Xavier, who accidentally killed several X-Men in a seizure-induced attack a year earlier. The old man is not doing well with his mind or health.

L1006049 – Hugh Jackman stars as Logan/Wolverine in LOGAN. Photo Credit: James Mangold.

Logan is also aging at a faster pace because his healing mechanism has stopped working correctly. He works as a chauffeur and periodically makes prescription drug pick up deals all while exhibiting a permanent scowl on his unkempt face. Logan is approached by a stranger to help assist getting a young girl to safety. That sends him down a road that he never thought possible. In the midst of this sad tale there is a moment of redemption and beauty towards the end. If you are a fan of the series this will be a great experience for you. Logan is a well done film that is dark and dreary but worth your time.

L1005610 – Charles (Patrick Stewart) and Logan (Hugh Jackman) in LOGAN. Photo Credit: James Mangold.

Bottom Line: A fitting end to the Wolverine franchise with Hugh Jackman, just don’t expect a smooth and fun ride. It’s dreary, dark and hopeless at times, just like old age I suppose.

MovieMark Grade: B

Rated R
2hr 15min

DF-18976 – Hugh Jackman stars as Logan/Wolverine in LOGAN. Photo Credit: Ben Rothstein.

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