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Alien: Covenant Review

Ridley Scott and the Alien franchise are wonderful gifts to all horror and sci-fi movie fans. The latest offering and third one of the franchise directed by Scott is titled Alien: Covenant. Its intended as the sequel to the Alien prequel Prometheus. If you are an Alien series enthusiast  then I would recommend seeing it of course. It’s a quality sci-fi action drama that will entertain you and attempt to answer some of the lingering questions from the previous films. If you are going into this new film with no previous Alien experience, or maybe you just the first one, you may wind up a bit confused at times. I have watched all of the films and I was even slightly confused trying to connect all the prequel/sequel stuff. It may be best to enter the theater and just enjoy the ride and not worry too much about making these connections.

Director Ridley Scott and Katherine Waterston (Daniels) on the set of ALIEN: COVENANT

There are plenty of frightening moments and action to make it all worthwhile. The cast is solid with even a somehow appropriate brief cameo by James Franco. Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston and Billy Crudup take their roles to unexpected and glorious places and that makes Alien: Covenant more than just a scary extraterrestrial movie.


It’s the panic and fear centered on the pure evil of the alien monster that really will keep you on the edge of your seat. We have no idea what is actually waiting for us out in space, if anything at all. This example of the possibilities is certainly not one I want to experience.

The bottom line: A legendary sci-fi story and director deliver with a new frightening ride through alien territory.

MovieMark Grade: B

Rated R

120 minutes

(L-R) Amy Seimetz (Faris), Benjamin Rigby (Private Ledward) and Carmen Ejogo (Karine) in ALIEN: COVENANT

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