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The Lovers: Review

A strong dose of reality and a bit of  intentional exaggeration goes a long way to paint a sad portrait of modern long term relationships in the new film, The Lovers. This movie is also a welcome return to the screen for Debra Winger. Other than a few various appearances over the years her best and most notable work was in the 1980’s. She is raw and believable as an older woman romancing a younger man behind her husbands back. This is pegged as a comedy/drama but I found there to be more sadness than humor.

Tracy Letts playing the floundering cheating husband was a nice surprise. He comes across as so realistic with his performance that at times you will forget you’re watching an actor in a film and it may feel more like you’re watching an actual person get through his day. Don’t expect happy endings or nicely tidied up storylines. If there is a negative about The Lovers it would have to be the fact that there feels like such a larger movie and story here that was only touched on within the confines of this small offering. Rather than fritter away some of the more compelling content about adult relationships with humor it could have benefitted more focusing on the harsh realities of affairs in long term marriages. Some of the points will hit home for married couples, but the ridiculous nature of the situations going on simultaneously weaken the impact. Great acting, strong themes about love, and a raw vibe make The Lovers one of the better movies of the year so far.

Bottom Line: A movie that does a lot with a little will make for an entertaining and unique experience at the theater.

MovieMark Grade: A

Rated R

1hr 35min

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