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Good Time: Review

A familiar face (Robert Pattinson) turns in a gritty performance in a sordid and dark tale from indie filmmakers Josh and Ben Safdie. GOOD TIME is a crime thriller that takes place in New York City over one bizarre action filled evening. The beginning of the film starts out with a young man in a therapy session and then we are immediately thrown into an exciting robbery attempt. At this point the film seemed very promising on delivering a unique and exciting experience. Not long  after the failed bank robbery it just starts to feel like a very low budget college film project. The acting by most of the supporting cast is bad and at times it’s even horribly annoying. The story loses focus and turns absurd rather than engaging. The presence of Robert Pattinson and Jennifer Jason Leigh make it seem like it’s capable or more at times, but ultimately they couldn’t save the movie from being a confusing and strange ride. If you are into real low budget indie films that involve crime and drugs it’s possible you will enjoy this offering. Other than the fact that Pattinson was pretty great in the film overall, it was not a good time for me.

Bottom Line: Too much random misplaced dialogue, bad acting and a very low budget feel takes away from some interesting characters and a promising start.

MovieMark Grade: C-

Rated R

1hr 40 min

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