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The Hitman’s Bodyguard: Review

The buddy cop genre has a plethora of hits and misses over the years. The Hitman’s Bodyguard is not technically about two police officers but it has a similar tone. The story follows the relationship between a hitman and a security specialist. Ryan Reynolds plays a down and out spirit that is struggling with his bodyguard career after one of his high-profile customers was murdered. Samuel L. Jackson is an international hitman currently in prison for his vast array or murders throughout the years. Through a series of events these two men must work together to deliver the hitman safely to the witness stand to testify against an evil dictator played by the excellent Gary Oldman. Reynolds delivers on his usual blend of wit and humor with his character “Michael Bryce”. Meanwhile, Jackson plays up all the swearing and screaming that he is known for in his role as “Darius Kincaid” and it’s old and tiring to watch. The ridiculous and vulgar lines he delivers that beg for a laugh are played out and not funny. The results of this combination are mediocre. There are a few laughs to be had, but those are overshadowed by an overabundance of swearing and violence that seems unnecessary. Sure, the action is tight and resembles a video game, but there is no reality or substance to anything in the movie. If you like Ryan and Sam, video game violence, and The Fast and the Furious franchise you will probably enjoy this.

One of the highlights for me was the musical selections. The soundtrack brought a lot of fun to the car Karaoke scene and all the action sequences. Such excellent use of the obscure punk classic New Noise by Refused gives director Patrick Hughes high marks from me in regard to musical taste. To add even more screaming and swearing to the mix we have Salma Hayek as the wife of the hitman. She is loud and annoying throughout and I’m not sure what people find so funny about excessive swearing at high decibels. It’s overkill for me on all of this stuff. There is no room for any real feelings of friendship or fondness for the characters here as they are all a mess and the story is way too ridiculous.

The bottom line: lower your expectations and you may have fun watching Ryan Reynolds in a mindless, violent, and silly comedy.

MovieMark Grade: C

Rated R

1hr 51 min

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