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It: Review

The new film from the mind of Stephen King is coming out at just the right time. This new film based on the classic novel and TV show is called It Chapter 1 and it fits in perfect with current trends in popular culture. There are shades of Stranger ThingsStand By Me, and The Goonies in this offering but enough of its own unique vibe to separate the experience into something new and frightening. Just a warning to parents that think of bringing smaller children to see this, the scary parts in It are much more jolting than in Stranger Things; these are the types of things nightmares are made of. A horrific-looking clown that has killer teeth and rip off limbs of children is haunting for sure. The story takes place in the late 1980’s and that gives it the same feel of the very popular Netflix series Stranger Things. That is why the timing for It is just perfect.

The kids and teens will want to go and Mom and Dad will have an interest too. Not to mention fans of Stephen King and the horror movies will be heading to the theater as well. With all of that said the movie still needs to be good and it is. The pacing and set up are excellent and the director does a nice job with character development. The themes of friendship are put in place and that provides a nice sentimental feel to blend in with all of the creepy stuff (the clown is disturbing on many levels). The way it moves and speaks is originally bizarre and will make Pennywise the Clown a memorable monster moving forward. A new horror superstar is born. There will be costumes for years to come at Halloween parties. You will never look at a red balloon the same way again.

Some of King’s book to movie transitions have not always worked out very well. This is the right story at the right time and I can see this franchise going beyond the sequel that finishes the books timeline. I’m just happy to see a movie with rich and memorable characters on the cusp of becoming a blockbuster this year. There is something to be said about the 1980’s filmmaking in regard to their endearing qualities. They blended drama, comedy, and horror with a touch of realness and heart so you could better relate to the stories and people. In It King touches on friendship and taking a group of outsiders to help save a town when nobody else is even trying. Facing their fears together brings a real sense of community to all the scares.


Bottom Line: There is a lot to like about this scary clown movie, and there is a good chance it will keep you up at night too.


MovieMark Grade: B


Rated R

2hr 15min

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