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Kingsman: The Golden Circle – Review

The Kingsman is a franchise that borrows from several other successful film series. There is a hint of James Bond with a dash of The Fast and the Furious with a little comedy mixed in for good measure. The first offering, Kingsman: Secret Service (2014), was stylish and fun, but not extraordinary overall. Audiences in the U.S. may not run out for this sequel, but the international box office numbers from the first movie were excellent, so now we have Kingsman: The Golden Circle. The biggest problem with the new Kingsman has nothing to do with the actors or storyline. Clocking in at two hours and twenty-one minutes, it’s just way too long. Gary “Eggsy” Unwin (Taron Egerton) is back and he is certainly a slick and interesting character. The young man delivers some youthful energy into the spy genre. Colin Firth and Mark Strong are back in their roles as well. To make things more exciting and appealing to international audiences the crew are joined by their American counterparts: The Statesman. Although these characters are a welcome addition, it doesn’t necessarily work as smooth as expected with the marquee names on board. The Statesman include: Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges, Halle Berry, and the great new actor, from Narcos fame, Pedro Pascal. Throw in Julianne Moore as the villain and Elton John, and we have quite a lineup of star power. Something about all of their characters comes off as corny and ultimately, they were kind of wasted in this script.

What the movie does deliver is a large dose of fun with mindless action and humor throughout. Sometimes it seemed like an excellent and entertaining ride and then at other times it felt so dumb and disconnected. I’m not sure how much Sir Elton John paid to be in this but his role was not good. Love his music, but his inclusion here was lost on me. Some of the ideas and scenes were unique and fun to watch, but in the end, it’s just way too much of a kind-of good thing.

The action scenes are ridiculously impossible, but still cool to watch. Of course, you have the predictable “save the world” theme that usually accompanies these types of films. If they could make The Statesman a more solid crew and shorten the running time by forty-five minutes, I would have been able to recommend. However, with the film as is, it’s average at best.

The Bottom Line: A fun and uneven ride that goes on too long.

MovieMark Grade: C

Rated R
2hr 21min

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