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A Quiet Place : Review

The advance buzz has been excellent for the new horror film, A Quiet Place. John Krasinski is doing his best to shed the image we have of him. He starred in the classic TV comedy The Office for many years and he desperately wants to be respected as a serious actor and director. For me personally it’s not working. He will always be Jim from the office to me. I don’t mean it in a disrespectful way. Some people are just meant for certain roles. Krasinski is similar to Jennifer Aniston in that way. They were so perfect in their roles in a famous sitcom, it’s hard to break out in roles you are trying too hard to fit into.

First Krasinski tried the action movie route in the 13 Hours:Benghazi movie and that did not work at all. A Quiet Place is a better fit but it’s still annoying in some way seeing him in this. It takes away from the movie a little for me. I give him credit as an artist wanting to expand his abilities and now getting into directing too. Sometimes it just is what it is. He is great in comedies playing the smug and smart guy. That is where he is best and those are the roles he will succeed in as an actor. His directing career could work out better for him. This is a small film in many ways. There are four main actors for most of the film, only a few locations and a decent size special effects budget for the monsters. He did a lot with a little. In that way the film works.

The quietness angle creates a one dimensional and boring aspect when watching the movie. It would have served the film so much better if they included fifteen minutes or the events leading up to the world we find the characters living in. Then the quiet schtick would have played better. But that would have put them over budget I suspect(17 Million dollar budget). So we start with quiet and live with that for most of 90 minutes. Emily Blunt is the wife to Krasinski in both real life and in this film. There is a bit of overacting by both lead actors and way too many cheap made-you-jump moments from the director.

The monsters are scary and the scenes involving them are well done. That is the best part of the experience. As a small film A Quiet Place succeeds. But don’t go into this thinking it’s going to be some epic all time scary event.

Bottom line: A well crafted, small and quiet monster movie that is overall pretty good!

MovieMark Grade: C+

Rated PG-13

95 minutes

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