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People That Rock

People That Rock

Not long ago I was asked to judge a battle of the bands event here in Indy.

A band came out that sounded amazing and very tight musically.

I noticed a very intense looking bass player that was urging on the crowd and making all the right rock poses on stage.

He was a little scary, kind of cool, and fun to watch. Pretty much what Rock n Roll is all about.

The band was The Last Good Year and they won the battle that night.

The bass player was Steven Byroad and he earned a place in People that Rock Indy that evening as well.

I talked with Steven about living and working in Indy.




























What started you down this Rock N Roll Path?

I started out as a jock and went to North Central and all of a sudden I got turned on to music.

I was playing guitar at church and once I heard the Jimmy Eat World record Clarity in 1993 I realized there was some bad-ass music out there other than in this little bubble I was living in.

Where does your energy on stage come from?

Its just my passion for music…I don’t know how I can equate it to anything else…maybe finishing a painting…we spend all this time writing the music and then to be able to share it with an audience our final product…its exciting to share that.

What have you learned about the music industry that you can pass on to others getting started?

Things don’t come easy in this business. If you have a passion for the music, then tough it out. Be realistic. Set attainable goals. After each achievement, set your sites on a higher goal. Build your way to success. Your band is a business. Your product is your music. I would like to think that the music will sell itself, but in the real world you have to work your ass off and network everyday. Build your band like a business and you will be successful, whether or not you have a hit on the radio.

The best part of being in a rock band is….?

Connecting with people. Plain and simple. We put in hours of practice writing and getting songs ready to perform. Each song we write is born from our own personal experiences and views on life. We practice, argue, sweat, and yet enjoy every minute of arranging a song. Then having the chance to share that with an audience is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Especially when they sing the lyrics back to you.

Best concert you have been to?

Like we discussed before, I am a huge Jimmy Eat World fan. I saw them with Hey Mercedes at the Mississippi Nights in St. Louis in 2001. It was a ridiculous show. I remember it was general admission. We drove from Indy to see them and got there early. Early enough to be in the front row. I stood there, sang every word, and didn’t move the whole night. I am a loser, I know.

Describe yourself in 4 words.

Determined. Stubborn. Creative. Loving

Favorite places to eat in Indy?

MacNivens. The MacHattan makes my mouth water right now just thinking of it.Yats. Chili Cheese Etouffee. Enough said.The Gyro place in Ripple after a night of drinking at The Alley Cat

Describe your personal style?

Kinda all over the place. Mostly black, it’s slimming they tell me…

If you were to write a song about your life up until this point…what would it be titled?

It Ain’t Over Yet

What are your favorite moments on stage during a show?

When the band gets locked in and the vocals are in full three part harmony. It gives me goose bumps. I know it will be time to quit when it doesn’t do that for me anymore. It is the simplest thing, but it is what I enjoy about playing in The Last Good Year. We challenge each other to be better and do different things. When it locks in, it feels great.

What is next up for The Last Good Year?

Continuing to play around the midwest and working hard on a new record.

3 favorite movies?

Back To The Future (all three) The Ghostbusters movies, Indiana Jones (the original 3, not the latest lame attempt)They are all movies I loved watching growing up and can still sit down and watch them today.

Is it better to burn out or fade away?

Great songs never burn out or fade away. You play bands like Queen, The Stones, AC/DC, Zeppelin, Pearl Jam (you’re welcome Mark) and The Beatles today and people still know every word. That’s what I love about music. Those songs may not be in heavy rotation on your iPod, but they never fade away. I hope we can write one song like that.

People That Rock – Andrew Newport

The man that provides us with concert experiences in Indianapolis is also a family man that has a rock n roll dream of his own.

Andrew Newport is the General Manager at the Verizon Wireless Music Center and also plays drums in the band Borrow Tomorrow.

In my opinion the requirements for anyone holding this position must include a love for music, and knowledge of how to bring the best experiences to concert fans.

After talking with Andrew, I found out he opened for Bob Seger and he knows his music history. I can tell you that Andrew is the right guy for the job and he rocks Indy!

How do you balance?

The hardest thing for me is Time…finding the time to fit in everything.
My job requires a lot of hours and my family is something I put a lot into.
Then there is playing in my band which takes up the rest of my free time.
But I always say none of it is work, because I love all three elements so much that it’s a joy to do all of them.

What things are important to you out at Verizon?

Trying to make each concert a great experience for the fans.
That is not always possible, but we do our best.
Having one unhappy fan these days can create lots of negative feedback with the new online world. From the lawn to the VIP seats we want everyone to enjoy the show and feel like they received good value for their money.

Favorite Star Sighting moment?

We have a saying don’t speak unless spoken too…don’t want to bother the artists. I don’t meet them very often but we do see them walking through and try to respect there space.

I’m a Pearl Jam freak so I have to ask, have you met Eddie Vedder?

No but funny story about that band…they played here in 2006 and they requested that nobody be on the side of the stage…they wanted it to be all about the band and the fans in the venue.
A buddy and I walked by and I could not help but stop and watch…next thing I know Eddie looks over and has the nastiest scowl on his face…
So I did have that moment with him…we left right away.

Where did your love of music come from?

I just remember listing to records with headphones and always just had a passion for artists and music. With my own band we work so hard and its tough to get people into what you are doing…and hard to know what it is that will really get people into your band…that is why I respect all of the artists that come through…its like hey if you can get all of these people to come out and spend their money to listen to your work…that is solid in my book.

Your favorite 3 drummers?

Dave Grohl, Dave Abruzzese (Ex-Pearl Jam drummer), Chad Smith

What music does it for you?

Just about anything really, just in different ways. By nature, I’ve always been into rock, grew up in the grunge era, listened to a lot of classic rock as I got older. I can appreciate just about anything, but if I have to pick, I like music that moves me. I like picking up on guitar parts that sound raunchy and thick and drums that sound like they were recorded in a cave. Today – it was Ryan Adams and the Cardinals. Yesterday it was the Fleet Foxes, the day before it was Jay-Z.

Where will you be in 10 years?

Great question…hopefully first and foremost a great husband and father, hopefully still doing what I love to do. We’re (my family) in a pretty good place, somewhere that we want to be right now, so we’re definitely enjoying it. I’m not one to sit tight for too long though, I am pretty passionate about our business and how important it is to the people that fill our venues. I want to continue to make that experience better for people, the guests, the staff, the artists…everyone involved. If I’m doing the same thing that I’m doing now in 10 years, but am accomplishing those things…I think I’ll be pretty thrilled with it. Of course, playing sold out stadiums is a close second.

Favorite food?

Reese’s Cups. Ask anyone that knows me…they buy them for me by the case. It’s a terrible habit.

Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd?

Led Zeppelin.

Best concert you have ever seen?

That’s a loaded question for someone like me. My personal tastes can be a lot different than a lot of peoples, but for me…some of my favorite shows for whatever reason are: Stone Temple Pilots (VWMC 2000), Tom Petty (VWMC circa 1995), Ryan Adams (Murat Theatre @ Old National Centre – 2007), U2 (Soldier Field), Pearl Jam (VWMC 2010)…I could name a list 3 miles long of amazing shows that I’ve seen so this list is hardly representative of the great shows that I’ve seen…these all probably had personal ties for me. STP – that was just a great show. Tom Petty – first show I saw at VWMC at age 14 with my dad. Was in love with everything about the experience…even the rain. Ryan Adams – guy was late to the show and when he finally got there played for 3 _ hours. U2 – that tour is simply unbelievable. PJ – boyhood heroes of mine that I had never seen in concert, was my first show as GM at VWMC, had to evacuate the building because of weather and then the band comes on and plays an amazing show that at one point we didn’t think would never end…and if we didn’t have to – we wouldn’t have cared! We’ve done some amazing shows in every genre…just because I’m into rock, doesn’t mean that the country or the rap shows aren’t good…I’ve been blessed to see so many amazing shows.

If you could open for any band who would it be?

Anyone that will let us! We just like to play! That’s a tough one…we’ve had some amazing opportunities…the most notable of which was opening for Bob Seger which was an absolutely unbelievable experience. It’s really inconceivable to imagine something bigger than that. Is the answer Seger, U2 or the Rolling Stones, etc? In a perfect world…absolutely. At the end of the day, where our band is at is that – we just want to play for people that genuinely connect with our music. We don’t slave away for hours on end writing and recording songs for no one to hear…we’re writing songs for the people that can relate to them…isn’t that what it’s all about? We want to open for any band that gives us the chance to share our blood, sweat and tears with their audience.

You can pick 3 people alive or dead to attend a concert at Verizon…who are they?

1) Steve Finkel, a great friend and mentor that lost his battle to cancer a little over a year and a half ago. I’d love to know how he thought we were doing. 2) Neil Diamond – it’s a long story and although I’m a fan…this is much more for a friend of mine than for me. This friend has kittens on her checks if that tells you anything, and more importantly has worked at the building since the day it opened. She’s one of our best and it would make her day. 3) anybody that wants to get away for a few minutes and have a good time. I know that seems like a bit of a cheesy statement, but really…we believe in what we sell. We just want for people to come out and have a good time, forget about the things that bother you and sing your favorite songs, with people that you love and have a good time.

That is exactly what I want in a concert. If you liked this story please pass it on man…I would appreciate it..thanks! -Mark

People That Rock – Andi Hauser

Hosting a morning show seems like an easy gig.

Talking to different people every morning about local lifestyle features can be a little more challenging than you think.

Andi Hauser is the co-host of Indy Style on WISH-TV.

The show is on from 9AM-10AM Monday through Friday.

(Full disclosure, I work on the show.)

The reason I selected Andi is because she’s not your typical local morning show host.

She’s got sharp wit, likes adventure, and has her own way of doing things.

Through her and co-host Tracy Forner the viewers in Indiana get a chance to sample all the best this state has to offer.

Whether its home and garden, music, art, food, medical stuff, education, animals.. whatever. Andi is on the front lines and gives her unique spin to what is going on around Indy.

I say Andi Hauser… rocks Indy.




























I understand you were attacked by a monkey today…

Yes I was…look at this damage to the surface of my skin…I guess all in a days work on Indy Style!

It just kept coming after me…  
Baboon attacks video

Do you think the video will go viral?

Who knows..I have a friend that dropped the f-bomb last week on TV and it has like a 1/2 million views already..

You should have dropped the f-bomb and been attacked by the monkey…

Yeah hindsight is always 20/20 time…

I think you are unique…tell me about Andi.

My personality…what I like and who I am is a pretty good representation of the show..because I like a little bit of everything.

We have so many different styles of music on the show from country to hard rock and everything in between and the food too..

One thing I would like to see more of is motorcycles..that is a big part of my life.

Where does this passion for two wheels come from?

I can think back to being 5 years old looking at my uncles Honda motorcycle and I was just enthralled with it…he said you want to go for a ride…and I said of at 5 my first experience on a bike..

My parents were not thrilled and would not get me one…so once I got my own money…I went out and got a bike.


Did you expect to end up here doing what you do?

Man..not at all….I wanted to be a serious hard news journalist.

Working in combat and war zones and somewhere along the way I ended up doing feature stories and I thought this is actually more for me…the world needs the hard news and thrives on it…but the more a did feature I realized it fit my personality better..

What music does it for you?

Music does two things for me…it either takes me “back” to a memory or in someway enhances the experience of making new memories. Either way, it’s an important part of my life.

Top 3 movies of all time?

Indiana Jones (all but the last one, blah!), Great Expectations, Inception

How do you relax?

There are a few options: walk the dog, drink a glass of wine or lay on the couch watching a good movie.

Favorite food?

I love it all. But my favorites are “real” guacamole and New York style pizza.

Radiohead or Lady Ga Ga?

Lady Ga Ga

How would you describe your fashion style?

It kind of depends on day of the week…weekends designer jeans, cowboy boots and a tshirt and that is it…during the week a little more fun and contemporary…but I like those classic elements too like Ralph Lauren basics…I still love to put on a skirt, suit and high heels. I rock that on Indy Style.

What is the toughest thing about your job?

I’m going to be honest, there are mornings where some of our content is just not that interesting…and you have to on the fly make it as engaging as possible…

Favorite thing about the your job?

I love working with all the cool people and Tracy Forner is such a great guy and a blast to work with…but my favorite thing is being able to showcase a lot of local artists…painting, culinary arts, music…I think we have a unique platform to help out artists and I really like doing that…and when people ask me do you know if there is a good band or restaurant to try…its like…yeah I do..and that’s pretty cool.

If you liked this story please pass it on..I would appreciate it. Thanks for visiting my site.







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