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Good Kill: DVD Release


Hailed as “exhilaratingly of the moment” (Guy Lodge, Variety), the compelling thriller GOOD KILL made its Blu-ray and DVD debut on September 1, 2015 from Paramount Home Media Distribution and it’s also available for sale or rental from cable, satellite and telco providers through IFC Films. From the producers of The Hurt Locker and writer/director Andrew Niccol (Gattica, Lord of War), GOOD KILL features “Ethan Hawke’s best screen role in years” (David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter) as a drone operator in 21st century warfare, where combat unfolds like a video game, but with real lives at stake. Read the rest of this entry »

Elliott Smith: Heaven Adores You DVD

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Top 10 New Movie Rentals

Everyone is always asking me, “What’s a good movie to rent?”

This will be a running TOP 10 New Movie Rentals list for you to refer to when you are looking for something quality to rent.

It will be updated weekly based on new releases, and will go back a few months.

When you are looking at this page, it will list the TOP 10 movies available for rent at that time- in my opinion.

There is no particular order, but all of them will make for a solid rental.

Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry »


From writer director Antoni Stutz’s Texas thriller – RUSHLIGHTS.   Starring Beau Bridges, Aidan Quinn, Josh Henderson (star of TNT’s new hit series ‘Dallas’), Haley Webb and executive produced by Cecilia Miniucchi (EXPIRED),RUSHLIGHTS is available on DVD. RUSHLIGHTS, a psychological coming of age thriller, revolves around Billy and Sarah, two delinquent teenage lovers from the suburbs of Los Angeles, traveling to a small southern town in Texas to falsely claim a dead friends inheritance.

Directed by Antoni Stutz
Written by Antoni Stutz, Ashley Scott Meyers
Available on DVD NOW.
Running Time: 94 minutes

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Top Ten Rentals

Top Ten Rentals

This is a top ten list of movies you can rent that goes back to the beginning of the year. What’s good to rent? Click Here